Self Propelled & Manual Wheelchairs

  1. Drive Medical Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Self Propel Wheelchair 20"
    Drive Medical Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Self Propel Wheelchair 20"
    • Ultra lightweight aluminium frame
    • Half-folding backrest
    • Quick release footrests
    • 20" seat width
    • Superbly durable tyres
    • Cable brakes for ease of parking
    £274.80 £229.00
    Out of stock
  2. Pro Rider Self Propel Aluminium Lightweight Wheelchair
    Pro Rider Self Propel Aluminium Lightweight Wheelchair
    • Weighing just 16.5kg - lightest on market
    • Comfortable nylon seat easy to clean
    • Ergonomically designed self propel system
    • 17.5" seat width
    • Aluminium 24" self-propel wheels
    • User weight capacity = 18 stone
    £106.80 £89.00 £213.60
    Out of stock
  3. Self Propel Folding Lightweight Wheelchair
    Self Propel Folding Lightweight Wheelchair
    • Steel frame with metallic silver finish
    • Front wheels with 150mm solid tyres
    • Foldable for easy storage
    • Height adjustable leg / footrests
    • Easy clean fabric
    • Parking Brakes
    £82.80 £69.00
    Out of stock

Manual & Self Propelled Wheelchairs

Versatile and affordable, manual wheelchairs are a brilliant option for individuals looking to stay active and social without all the advanced features. They offer you the option of wheeling yourself along as well as being equipped with handles for anyone you’re with to push you along with. A self propelled wheelchair is operated by the user by rotating the large rear wheels. The fitted hand rims give you the leverage to propel yourself forwards or backwards without the help of an attendant. You might consider a self-propelled wheelchair if you have good upper-body strength and overall stamina. If you like to travel and get around, a folding self propelling wheelchair is essential to keeping you on the go.


Lightweight Self Propelled Wheelchairs UK

An important factor that a self propelled wheelchair has to adhere to for the benefit of the user is a lightweight frame and build. A heavy wheelchair will only make getting around more difficult so our range has been specially selected to make it as easy as possible for you to self-propel yourself from A to B. Our Pro Rider Self Propel Wheelchair is one of the lightest on the market, and at an amazing affordable price, it falls under our “premium quality at a low price” ethos.


Self Propelled Wheelchairs for Sale

We only stock the very best on the mobility market so that you, our customer, only get the best possible products to keep you active and sociable. We stock brands like FreeRiderTGA MobilityKymCo and Drive Medical which are all very well renowned brands for their amazing build quality and all-positive user experiences. Our very own Pro Rider range of manual and electric wheelchairs have also followed suit, bringing you the best possible mobility experience at an affordable price.