Kiwik Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair

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Accessible, sturdy, and comfortable, the Kiwik electric wheelchair is here to give you a supportive and stylish ride. 

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 Key Features

  • Electric power wheelchair with stylish and modern design
  • Constructed from aerospace aluminium alloy
  • Lightweight design – only 26.5kg or with battery (dependent on chair style)
  • Easy, one touch folding mechanism - folds down in seconds for optimum portability
  • Fits in most car boots (equal to or bigger than a Honda Civic)
  • Super heavy duty for adventurous excursions
  • Powerful and quiet brushless motors
  • Comfortable handles a range of terrains including grassy, bumpy, and hilly
  • Easily navigate tight areas thanks to a 33-inch turning radius
  • 360 degree joystick controller with left or right hand drive
  • Swinging armrests for easy access to the chair
  • Under seat storage keeps your belongings secure on the move
  • Removable seat and seat cover
  • Washable seat cushion and back rest (wash up to 95°C)
  • Durable and puncture proof solid tyres
  • Flip up footrest
  • Intelligent electromagnetic brake for your safety
  • Available with either a fixed or adjustable back
  • Available with 47cm or 54cm seat width options
  • Comes in a choice of four colours – silver, red, black, and blue
  • Folded dimensions – 60 x 35.5 x 79cm

The Kiwik power chair is constructed from aerospace aluminium alloy for strength and durability and offers plenty of power thanks to dual 250W motors with quiet brushless technology. Comfort is a priority with flip up footplates and armrests for easy access plus a 360- degree joystick controller to offer controlled handling.

The seat cushion and back rest are removable for washing, ensuring that your chair stays hygienic. Meanwhile, the chair’s intelligent electromagnetic brake provides reliable and responsive stopping power. The Kiwik electric chair supports users up to 28st and reaches speeds of up to 3.75mph with a range of up to 15.5m on one full charge. The wheelchair can be charged up and ready to go in just 5-6 hours.

Power Chairs
EX11323 BrandKiwik
EX11323 Dimensions98.5 x 60 x 95cm (unfolded), 60 x 35.5 x 79cm (folded), W47 x D43 x H46cm (seat)
EX11323 Maximum Speed3.75mph/6kmh
EX11323 Maximum Range15.5m/25km
EX11323 Maximum User Weight180kg/28st
EX11323 Battery24V 6ah lithium
EX11323 Weight (Battery)26.5kg (inc. battery), 23kg (without batteries)
EX11323 Tyre Type7” solid (front), 12.5” (rear)
EX11323 Turning Radius90cm/35.5”
EX11323 Drive SystemRear drive
EX11323 Incline Capability12 degrees
EX11323 Braking SystemElectromagnetic
EX11327 BrandKiwik
EX11327 Dimensions98.5 x 60 x 95cm (unfolded), 60 x 35.5 x 79cm (folded), W47 x D43 x H46cm (seat)
EX11327 Maximum Speed3.75mph/6kmh
EX11327 Maximum Range15.5m/25km
EX11327 Maximum User Weight180kg/28st
EX11327 Battery24V 6ah lithium
EX11327 Weight (Battery)26.5kg (inc. battery), 23kg (without batteries)
EX11327 Tyre Type7” solid (front), 12.5” (rear)
EX11327 Turning Radius90cm/35.5”
EX11327 Drive SystemRear drive
EX11327 Incline Capability12 degrees
EX11327 Braking SystemElectromagnetic
EX11322 BrandKiwik
EX11322 Dimensions98.5 x 60 x 95cm (unfolded), 60 x 35.5 x 79cm (folded), W47 x D43 x H46cm (seat)
EX11322 Maximum Speed3.75mph/6kmh
EX11322 Maximum Range15.5m/25km
EX11322 Maximum User Weight180kg/28st
EX11322 Battery24V 6ah lithium
EX11322 Weight (Battery)26.5kg (inc. battery), 23kg (without batteries)
EX11322 Tyre Type7” solid (front), 12.5” (rear)
EX11322 Turning Radius90cm/35.5”
EX11322 Drive SystemRear drive
EX11322 Incline Capability12 degrees
EX11322 Braking SystemElectromagnetic
EX11326 BrandKiwik
EX11326 Dimensions98.5 x 60 x 95cm (unfolded), 60 x 35.5 x 79cm (folded), W47 x D43 x H46cm (seat)
EX11326 Maximum Speed3.75mph/6kmh
EX11326 Maximum Range15.5m/25km
EX11326 Maximum User Weight180kg/28st
EX11326 Battery24V 6ah lithium
EX11326 Weight (Battery)26.5kg (inc. battery), 23kg (without batteries)
EX11326 Tyre Type7” solid (front), 12.5” (rear)
EX11326 Turning Radius90cm/35.5”
EX11326 Drive SystemRear drive
EX11326 Incline Capability12 degrees
EX11326 Braking SystemElectromagnetic
EX11324 BrandKiwik
EX11324 Dimensions98.5 x 60 x 95cm (unfolded), 60 x 35.5 x 79cm (folded), W47 x D43 x H46cm (seat)
EX11324 Maximum Speed3.75mph/6kmh
EX11324 Maximum Range15.5m/25km
EX11324 Maximum User Weight180kg/28st
EX11324 Battery24V 6ah lithium
EX11324 Weight (Battery)26.5kg (inc. battery), 23kg (without batteries)
EX11324 Tyre Type7” solid (front), 12.5” (rear)
EX11324 Turning Radius90cm/35.5”
EX11324 Drive SystemRear drive
EX11324 Incline Capability12 degrees
EX11324 Braking SystemElectromagnetic
EX11325 BrandKiwik
EX11325 Dimensions98.5 x 60 x 95cm (unfolded), 60 x 35.5 x 79cm (folded), W54 x D43 x H46cm (seat)
EX11325 Maximum Speed3.75mph/6kmh
EX11325 Maximum Range15.5m/25km
EX11325 Maximum User Weight180kg/28st
EX11325 Battery24V 6ah lithium
EX11325 Weight (Battery)28.5kg (inc. batteries), 25kg (without batteries)
EX11325 Tyre Type7” solid (front), 12.5” (rear)
EX11325 Turning Radius90cm/35.5”
EX11325 Drive SystemRear drive
EX11325 Incline Capability12 degrees
EX11325 Braking SystemElectromagnetic
EX11328 BrandKiwik
EX11328 Dimensions98.5 x 60 x 95cm (unfolded), 60 x 35.5 x 79cm (folded), W47 x D43 x H46cm (seat)
EX11328 Maximum Speed3.75mph/6kmh
EX11328 Maximum Range15.5m/25km
EX11328 Maximum User Weight180kg/28st
EX11328 Battery24V 6ah lithium
EX11328 Weight (Battery)26.5kg (inc. battery), 23kg (without batteries)
EX11328 Tyre Type7” solid (front), 12.5” (rear)
EX11328 Turning Radius90cm/35.5”
EX11328 Drive SystemRear drive
EX11328 Incline Capability12 degrees
EX11328 Braking SystemElectromagnetic
EX11329 BrandKiwik
EX11329 Dimensions98.5 x 60 x 95cm (unfolded), 60 x 35.5 x 79cm (folded), W54 x D43 x H46cm (seat)
EX11329 Maximum Speed3.75mph/6kmh
EX11329 Maximum Range15.5m/25km
EX11329 Maximum User Weight180kg/28st
EX11329 Battery24V 6ah lithium
EX11329 Weight (Battery)28.5kg (inc. batteries), 25kg (without batteries)
EX11329 Tyre Type7” solid (front), 12.5” (rear)
EX11329 Turning Radius90cm/35.5”
EX11329 Drive SystemRear drive
EX11329 Incline Capability12 degrees
EX11329 Braking SystemElectromagnetic
EX11312 BrandKiwik
EX11312 Dimensions98.5 x 60 x 95cm (unfolded), 60 x 35.5 x 79cm (folded), W47 x D43 x H46cm (seat)
EX11312 Maximum Speed3.75mph/6kmh
EX11312 Maximum Range15.5m/25km
EX11312 Maximum User Weight180kg/28st
EX11312 Battery24V 6ah lithium
EX11312 Weight (Battery)26.5kg (inc. battery), 23kg (without batteries)
EX11312 Tyre Type7” solid (front), 12.5” (rear)
EX11312 Turning Radius90cm/35.5”
EX11312 Drive SystemRear drive
EX11312 Incline Capability12 degrees
EX11312 Braking SystemElectromagnetic
EX11313 BrandKiwik
EX11313 Dimensions98.5 x 60 x 95cm (unfolded), 60 x 35.5 x 79cm (folded), W54 x D43 x H46cm (seat)
EX11313 Maximum Speed3.75mph/6kmh
EX11313 Maximum Range15.5m/25km
EX11313 Maximum User Weight180kg/28st
EX11313 Battery24V 6ah lithium
EX11313 Weight (Battery)28.5kg (inc. batteries), 25kg (without batteries)
EX11313 Tyre Type7” solid (front), 12.5” (rear)
EX11313 Turning Radius90cm/35.5”
EX11313 Drive SystemRear drive
EX11313 Incline Capability12 degrees
EX11313 Braking SystemElectromagnetic
EX11314 BrandKiwik
EX11314 Dimensions98.5 x 60 x 95cm (unfolded), 60 x 35.5 x 79cm (folded), W47 x D43 x H46cm (seat)
EX11314 Maximum Speed3.75mph/6kmh
EX11314 Maximum Range15.5m/25km
EX11314 Maximum User Weight180kg/28st
EX11314 Battery24V 6ah lithium
EX11314 Weight (Battery)26.5kg (inc. battery), 23kg (without batteries)
EX11314 Tyre Type7” solid (front), 12.5” (rear)
EX11314 Turning Radius90cm/35.5”
EX11314 Drive SystemRear drive
EX11314 Incline Capability12 degrees
EX11314 Braking SystemElectromagnetic
EX11315 BrandKiwik
EX11315 Dimensions98.5 x 60 x 95cm (unfolded), 60 x 35.5 x 79cm (folded), W54 x D43 x H46cm (seat)
EX11315 Maximum Speed3.75mph/6kmh
EX11315 Maximum Range15.5m/25km
EX11315 Maximum User Weight180kg/28st
EX11315 Battery24V 6ah lithium
EX11315 Weight (Battery)28.5kg (inc. batteries), 25kg (without batteries)
EX11315 Tyre Type7” solid (front), 12.5” (rear)
EX11315 Turning Radius90cm/35.5”
EX11315 Drive SystemRear drive
EX11315 Incline Capability12 degrees
EX11315 Braking SystemElectromagnetic

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