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Walking Stick Accessories UK

Offering balance and stability on the move, folding walking sticks and canes are a necessity for many people, giving them freedom and confidence to keep active knowing that they will be well supported. Whether your legs aren’t the machines they once were or your joints are stiffening up, a walking stick effectively provides an extra leg to make you feel more rooted and propped up.


Because of how important a walking stick is, it makes the accessories for them a requirement for making them as easy to use as possible. A cane or walking stick strap will keep it securely attached top your wrist, stopping it from falling on the floor where it can be hard to retrieve. Another fantastic accessory for folding walking sticks is a Blue Badge Walking Stick Bag that will securely hold yours so that you have it at the ready as and when you need it. They are made in the UK by hand, ensuring amazing quality and a long life.


We understand the importance of finding the right walking stick accessories for your needs, which is why our online range of cane straps and walking stock bags cover everyone’s individual tastes. Modern and trendy, our folding walking stick bags are available in a range of colours and patterns to suit everyone. If you’re a lover of classic chic, you should go with our black walking stick bag for a simple and understated finish. We also have various patterned canes bags, offering those who are adventurous with their style a bag to match their individual tastes.


Whether you are struggling with back problems, sciatica, or arthritis, a Pro Rider Mobility walking stick can help take off pressure and give you the freedom to be more mobile. Our canes are safe, reliable, and durable making them superb value for money. You can extend your collection of canes and walking sticks so that you have one for whatever mood you’re in that day. Complete your collection with walking stick accessories for every occasion.