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Rollator Walkers

Thousands of people all over the UK struggle with walking and getting around on a daily basis. It can be very difficult for some, others may find it impossible, to get around without access to a wheelchair or any other mobility options. Finding the right aid can help improve someone’s quality of life and get them outdoors and in the fresh air more often. Rollator walkers, rollators with seats and lightweight rollators are ideal for those who can still walk and get around but that find it hard to do so.


Rollators are an excellent way of getting about while maintaining a level of independence and physical activity. 4 wheel rollators offer the support needed to keep the user upright and walking while limiting the need to lift the rollator walker thanks to the wheels. Lightweight rollators minimise energy expenditure of the user as they won’t have to roll a heavy frame but instead can leisurely stroll with ease. They feature brakes for support down steep hills and sudden stops, keeping the user safe and out of harm’s way.


Here at Pro Rider Mobility, we are always striving to find the best possible products on the market that can really improve anyone’s lifestyle, giving those individuals opportunities for a sociable and active life without the added stress and anxiety of relying on others. Our rollator frames and rollators with seats allow the individual to keep their sense of self-sufficiency, allowing them to walk on their own and offering them use of a seat when it gets a bit tiring. A 4 wheel rollator offers the most support while movement compared to other styles of rollator as you always have all 4 wheels support you with every move. Our mobility solutions are built to a top quality spec but we provide them at affordable prices, ensuring that the amazing value to accessible to everyone.