Need Help Shipping Your Mobility Scooter Abroad?

Here at Pro Rider Mobility we understand how expensive and challenging it is to ship your mobility scooter abroad. How much is it going to cost? If I own a mobility scooter hiring business in Europe, how am I going to buy and ship multiple scooters abroad?

We deal with traders offering mobility scooter hire and offer bulk discounts to those who buy 2 or more mobility scooters. Being in the mobility industry for over 15 years, we also have a huge range of class 2 boot scooters and class 3 road and pavement scooters to choose from so you can ensure you have mobility scooters to suit all customers. We can supply scooters from the UK to various countries in Europe including France, Spain, Portual and many more. Delivery time is dependent on location but our friendly specialist shipping team will guide you through this before taking payment and orders are made.

Equally if you are a customer who would like a scooter at home with you in the UK but would also like a scooter on your holiday, we can help you with that too!

Simply call our specialist shipping team on 01604 813428 or where we can assist you with your mobility shipping needs.

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