Travel, Folding & Portable Mobility Scooters

  1. Front side view of the TGA Zest Plus Mobility Scooter in Red
    TGA Zest Plus Mobility Scooter - Red
    • Separates into parts easily for storage
    • Advanced suspension for smooth journeys
    • Total weight of scooter is 70kg
    • Maximum user weight up to 23 stone
    • Top speed is 4mph
    • Range up to 18 miles on one full charge
    £1,438.80 £1,199.00

What Are Compact Mobility Scooters?

Also known as ‘portable mobility scooters’ and ‘boot mobility scooters’, compact, folding mobility scooters are small, lightweight, and convenient, particularly for quick local trips or taking away with you in a car or on a bus.

The idea of a compact and lightweight mobility scooter is that it is practical and transportable, either folding down to an even more convenient size or dismantling into four or five easy to reassemble pieces. Easy to manoeuvre, compact scooters can be used both indoors and outdoors and prove extremely useful in tight spaces. Their handy size is also beneficial in that they doesn’t take up as much space as larger scooter options, making them much easier to store.

Compact models are Class 2 invalid carriages, meaning that they can be driven on the pavement and reach a top speed of 4mph. Do not try and drive fold up boot mobility scooters on the road as they do not meet the legal government requirements for road travel.


Portable Scooters for the Disabled and Elderly - How Can They Benefit My Mobility?

Portable mobility scooters are ideal if you:

- Often pop down to the high street/local shops or generally make short trips

- Travel frequently and want a small mobility scooter that can be taken on a train/plane/boat/bus

- Still drive but need a fold up scooter once you arrive at your destination

- Have limited space at home, making it difficult to store a larger model such as a Class 3 scooter

It’s important to remember that a compact mobility scooter is designed for convenience as opposed to long distance endurance and comfort – this kind of scooter often doesn’t have the suspension or battery capacity of larger models.

Pro Rider Mobility is an official stockist of a range of premium quality compact scooters from brands like TGA, Drive Medical, and FreeRider, as well as our own popular in-house range.