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What Are Road Scooters?

The most powerful option when it comes to class 3 mobility scooter transportation, road scooters are normally bigger, heavier, and more robust than pavement scooter or compact mobility scooter options. Just as with other types of scooter, road mobility scooters come in a range of specifications from basic to luxury but as a general rule they normally have the longest range and highest weight bearing capabilities. 

To be classified as a road scooter, the model must adhere to a strict set of rules as set out by the government for ‘Class 3 invalid carriages’. Full details can be viewed on the website but some of the criteria include a full lighting package, an audible horn, and indicators. 

Whilst road legal mobility scooters are capable of reaching max speed of either 6mph or 8mph, you must always restrict your scooter to 4mph on pavements. Some models even have a handy switch that allows you to easily toggle between speed limits depending on where you are driving.

What's Important to Know about This Type of Scooter?

To give you a helping hand we’ve reviewed some of the key things to know about road scooters:

- You can go up to 8mph on roads but must not exceed 4mph on pavements

- You need to register your scooter – this can be done on the website

- Some road scooters are all terrain – known as ‘heavy duty mobility scooters'' – meaning that you can use them off-road

- To be road safe they need to have certain specs – again, check the website

- They’re not the best option if you need something lightweight and compact for quick trips

- They’re built for comfort, durability, and range, making them ideal for longer trips

Some people may find road scooters simply too large for their everyday needs, whilst others enjoy the fact that they can spend all day on their scooter without fear of running out of power. Browse Pro Rider Mobility to see our exceptional range of heavy duty mobility scooters by trusted brands like TGA, FreeRider, KymCo, and Drive Medical.