TGA Mobility


With a large choice of electric power wheelchairs and mobility scooters, you’re sure to find your dream mobility transportation solution amongst the TGA Mobility range. We’ve picked out some of our favourites below:

Our TGA Mobility Highlights

  • The Vita X – Sporty, edgy, and ready for adventure, the Vita X looks like an off road buggy and is robust enough to take on the toughest terrains whilst still providing exceptional comfort. The TGA Vita X boasts superb features and tech including smoked LED lights and a crystal digital display.
  • The Supersport – Fancy yourself a cool rider? The TGA Supersport brings together motorcycle design with mobility scooter technology with an end result that looks super cool and is really fun to ride. The large rear basket is a particularly nice touch for storing shopping and belongings as you travel.
  • The Zest Plus – We love the convenient modular design of the Zest Plus, which can be taken apart quickly and easily and placed in your car boot with minimal fuss. The TGA Zest Plus a great choice if you want a scooter that gets you out and about quickly but is still comfortable to ride.