Pro Rider Mobility Scooters & Wheelchairs

  1. Pro Rider Transit Portable Lightweight Wheelchair
    Pro Rider Transit Portable Lightweight Wheelchair
    • Weighing just 11kg - lightest on market
    • Easily foldable for convenient storage
    • Comfortable nylon seat
    • Push down brake levers
    • 18.5” seat width
    • User weight capacity = 18 stone
    £83.99 £69.99 £165.60
  2. Pro Rider Self Propel Aluminium Lightweight Wheelchair
    Pro Rider Self Propel Aluminium Lightweight Wheelchair
    • Weighing just 16.5kg - lightest on market
    • Comfortable nylon seat easy to clean
    • Ergonomically designed self propel system
    • 17.5" seat width
    • Aluminium 24" self-propel wheels
    • User weight capacity = 18 stone
    £106.80 £89.00 £213.60

Pro Rider Mobility Products

Here at Pro Rider Mobility, we consider every mobility product to not only be a handy gadget or a useful piece of kit, but rather an important companion that aids in the daily life of individuals who need it most. From mobility scooters to wheelchairs, we are sure that you will be able to find the perfect Pro Rider mobility products with our top quality yet affordable range.


Pro Rider Mobility Scooters

With over 10 years experience in the mobility sector, we have perfected our mobility product range to ensure that you only get the best. Our easy-to-transport portable boot mobility scooters are designed to be easily taken down and put back together so that you can use it where ever you go. Our Travelite class 2 mobility scooters feature the same portable, compact design but with self-folding functionality that can be activated at the push of a button.

Our larger class 3 Pro Rider Mobility Scooter range all feature the very best functional additions available to make your experience while using them all that more enjoyable. The Pro Rider Road King Plus and Deluxe variations have long battery lives of 23 and 25 miles, making them ideal for longer journeys. If you’re looking for the performance capabilities of a class 3 mobility scooter with the classification of a class 2, our Pro Rider Evolve 4 Mobility Scooter would be perfect for you as it has a strong build and lengthy battery life of 30 miles.


Pro Rider Transit & Self Propelled Wheelchairs

Versatile and affordable, Pro Rider wheelchairs are a brilliant option for individuals looking to stay active and sociable without all the advanced features. They offer you the option of wheeling yourself along as well as being equipped with handles for a companion to push you. The Pro Rider Self Propelled Wheelchair is operated by the user as they rotate the large rear wheels. The fitted hand rims provide the user with the leverage to propel themselves forwards or backwards easily without the help of an attendant. You might want to consider a self-propelled wheelchair if you have good upper-body strength and overall stamina. If you like to travel and get around, a folding self propelling Pro Rider wheelchair is essential to keeping you on the go.