1. Freerider Mayfair 4 Mobility Scooter
    Freerider Mayfair 4 Mobility Scooter
    • Lightweight and stable to navigate
    • User friendly controls
    • 2 x 36ah batteries
    • User weight capacity up to 21 stone
    • Top speed of 4mph
    • Maximum range of 20 miles on one charge
    List price: £1,198.80 £1,078.80 £899.00 Save £120.00!
  2. Freerider Mayfair 4 Xtra Mobility Scooter
    Freerider Mayfair 4 Xtra Mobility Scooter
    • Adjustable tiller to suit user preferences
    • 10” solid tyres at front and rear
    • Total weight of scooter is 89kg
    • User weight capacity up to 21 stone
    • Top speed of 4mph
    • Range up to 20 miles on one full charge
    £1,198.80 £999.00
  3. Freerider Kensington Mobility Scooter
    Freerider Kensington Mobility Scooter
    • With 13” wheels, 5” ground clearance and beautifully balanced suspension, the Kensington is designed to smooth out any bumps
    • 2 x 35ah batteries
    • User weight capacity 25st (160kg)
    • Top speed of 8mph
    • Maximum range of 35 miles on full battery charge
    £1,678.80 £1,399.00

Freerider understand how to handle the great outdoors and have designed many of their scooters to confidently take on tough terrain whilst maintaining the comfort of their users. Here’s our top picks from their range:

Our Freerider Highlights

  • The Mini Ranger – a budget-friendly option, the Freerider Mini Ranger is a great starter mobility scooter with a 10 mile range and a user weight capacity of 18st. It’s unashamedly straightforward with simple controls and folds away quickly for easy storage – no frills, no fuss.
  • The Land Ranger XL8 – reminiscent of a four wheel drive car, this mobility scooter certainly looks impressive with its large captain seat and shiny black finish. We particularly like the double wishbone suspension and rear shock absorbers which help keep you comfortable over those tough terrains.
  • The City Ranger 8 – compact and classy, the Freerider City Ranger 8 is the slim solution for those who want a bit more oomph but without the bulk. This smart little road scooter can keep going for up to 35 miles and has responsive steering for navigating the city with ease.