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Mobility Scooter Covers for Dependable Protection

Here at Pro Rider Mobility, we understand that not everyone has the option to keep their mobility scooter indoors or in a dedicated cool and dry storage area; this is normally due to lack of space or inconvenient steps. Leaving your mobility scooter outdoors, however, puts it at risk of damage from the elements, which is why we are pleased to offer a range of durable and affordable waterproof mobility scooter covers to help keep yours dry and protected. The heavy duty navy fabric blocks rain and wind, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your scooter is safe from any damages.


Waterproof Mobility Scooter Covers

Electric mobility scooters are an investment in your freedom and independence, allowing you to easily get out and about; therefore they deserve the proper care and maintenance to ensure that they look great, run efficiently and last for as long as possible. Our waterproof mobility scooter covers are easy to use and have been designed to cover and protect the entire scooter, including protruding accessories such as baskets. They feature elasticated edges for a snug fit, giving your scooter dependable protection against wind and rain.


We have numerous sizes available which fit most class 2 and class 3 options. Before ordering one, simply check the dimensions of your specific model to find the appropriate mobility scooter cover to fit over it. We also offer seat covers and control panel covers for more focused protection, helping to prevent slippery seats or water getting into the electronics. For lightweight protection on the go, we have mobility ponchos and capes to keep your legs and body dry in wet conditions. For more secure and weather protection, view our mobility scooter canopies that cover your entire scooter, creating a bubble around you.