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Mobility Scooter Batteries UK

Here at Pro Rider Mobility we always strive to find and distribute the best products available on the market. Our sealed lead acid disability scooter batteries are no exception with their unrivalled quality and high performance. Usually lasting for around 12-18 months, a mobility scooter battery will show signs of age very obviously with a shorter run time between charges and a lower power output. If you find that your scooter’s performance is lacking, it may be time to change your battery and upgrade it for one from our range. Our 12v scooter batteries are available with various outputs – such as 12ah, 36ah and 72ah - to suit all mobility scooter models.  The batteries are also suitable for use on many other items such as electric toys, alarm systems, emergency lighting and other electrical systems. 

Cheapest Lead Acid Batteries

We are proud to be the supplier of the cheapest mobility scooter batteries but we’re even prouder of their amazing value. We believe that mobility products should be affordable for all of our customers, ensuring that everyone has access to amazing products that will improve their quality of life. Getting out and about is very important for everyone as it improves mental and physical health by allowing individuals to socialise and get out in the fresh air. Our lead acid mobility batteries will keep you on the go, providing your scooter with the power to keep going.

Fully Sealed for Ultra Safety

Our 12v mobility batteries are fully sealed to ensure that they are protected against any leaking or damage. There is an AGM - absorbed glass mat - meaning that the electrolyte is absorbed into the mat and is a virtual dry cell, giving additional protection to the battery in cold weather as well as against variations in charger input voltages.

Mobility Scooter Battery Chargers UK

Our 24v mobility scooter chargers are no exception with their unrivalled quality and high performance. Over time as chargers age, their current becomes weaker and their performance slows down. Some mobility scooters are provided with substandard chargers, causing the battery to age, not hold charge and ultimately need replacing. We believe that this should not be the case because your mobility is as important to you as it is to us. Our durable mobility scooter battery chargers won’t age and will serve you for many years to come, ensuring that your scooter is always charged and ready to go. They are fully equipped with safety functions to allow a stable charge, protecting your battery from overcharging.

24v Battery Chargers

Both of our 24v mobility scooter battery chargers work on most mobility scooter brands such as our own Pro Rider, Easyfold, Shoprider and many more! Our 24v 5ah battery charger has a larger output current, making it better suited to bigger batteries as the smaller charger wouldn’t be able to charge a large battery as fast. For smaller batteries we have the 2ah 24v battery charger. It is important to get the right charger so that you don’t overpower the battery and damage it. Check your mobility scooters information to make sure you get the right input current for your model.

Not Sure Which Charger to Buy?

If you’re stuck or confused about which charger your scooter needs then please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team. We will be able to help you pick the correct one to prevent it not being compatible. Please call us on 01604 813350 or email us with your information to