Why You Should Invest in a Travel Scooter

Whether you require your mobility scooter for everyday use – such as trips to the local shops – or for the occasional getaway, finding a good travel scooter is worthwhile investment. From its small size to the dismantling or folding capabilities, we’re going to explain exactly why it is so important to invest in a suitable boot scooter.

Boot Scooter

They are Smaller

Travel mobility scooters are smaller than your average mobility scooter, making them extremely easy to store when not in use. They take up very little room which makes them almost unnoticeable in the right spot, allowing you to keep them out of the way until you need to use them.

They Can Fold or Dismantle Easily

The best thing about travel mobility scooters is that they are designed specifically for people who like to travel. Car journeys can be difficult with a larger road scooter as they cannot be broken down to fit in car boots, meaning you would need to use a wheelchair accessible vehicle. The dismantling or folding capabilities of travel scooters allow them to fit comfortably in most boots, saving room in the car.

Small But Powerful

Just because they have a small stature, it doesn’t mean that they are lacking in power and performance. Boot scooters may have smaller motors in comparison to road scooters but they still have impressive ranges in terms of distances and can reach a respectable top speed of 4mph, the upper limit for pavement travel.

Excellent Value for Money

If you want an affordable mobility scooter that can be used in almost every situation, then a travel mobility scooter would be the best one you could buy. Their high performance, convenience, and affordable starting price points make them among the most affordable mobility scooters on the market.

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