Walking Month is Here!

May is the month for all things related to walking, whether that be going for a wander around a local park, to the shops (instead of using your car) or just as a bit of exercise. While some may have restricted mobility or struggle to comfortably walk independently, you can still use national walking month to get out and about. Take your rollator, walking stick, mobility scooter or other piece of mobility equipment and get outdoors, taking in the fresh air and scenic views.

Go to a Nature Reserve

Nature reserves are a great place to get lost, offering tranquil views as well as the opportunity to admire our beautiful wildlife. They usually have dedicated paths for you to follow around the dense greenery, but these can still be hard for those with limited movement to navigate without the correct mobility aid. Using a class 3 mobility scooter, you can easily navigate the bumpy terrain while still remaining comfortable in your captain style seat.

Go Around a Local Park

Local parks are great for wandering around, offering flat and even surfaces that can be easily navigated, no matter how small the wheels on your mobility scooter or wheelchair are. They often have plenty to do as well, such as feeding the ducks, picnic areas, and play areas for the little ones, making it a great day out for you and the family.

Go on a Walking Route

With plenty of routes dotted around the UK, there are so many walking paths to choose from, offering you architectural, natural, and industrial views, depending on which aesthetic you prefer. These walking routes can be quite long with some lasting for miles. Using a trusty mobility scooter with a power and battery life that is capable of going the distance, you can enjoy an adventure around your town or city, taking in all of the life and beauty around you.

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