Top 5 UK Holidays for Those with Mobility Issues

Living with a mobility impairment often means that holidays are challenging because of the fear of not being able to easily enjoy yourself and do things due to a lack of facilities and accessibility. In recent years, however, holiday destinations have been improving accessibility so that those with additional needs can also have a fun and enjoyable break away from their homes. We’ve picked our top 5 holidays in the UK that are perfect for everyone, even if you are struggling with your mobility.

Take to the Country

Countryside holidays are a great quintessential British break that take the stress away our busy lives and replace it with the beauty of our country’s rolling hills and natural scenery. South Downs National Park is a great example of a fantastic place to spend some time away with many cottages, B&B’s, and hotels that are mobility friendly. Bring your travel mobility scooter with you to go on adventures in this national park; there are so many beautiful sights to see and walkways to navigate that you’ll want to spend most of your days exploring.

UK Countryside

Glamping, Camping & Caravanning

Get close to nature and spend some quality time with loved ones without the distraction of modern digital life on a glamping, camping or caravanning holiday. There is something special about enjoying your morning coffee away from civilisation as you watch the sun come up or cooking your meals on a roaring fire as you all gather and reconnect. Tourism For All have a great selection of outdoor holidays that are specially adapted to make them accessible for everyone!


Escape to the Seaside

The smell of salt in the air coming off the ocean is enough to bring anyone feelings of calmness and tranquillity, so a visit to the coast this summer should be on everyone’s list. Not only are the beaches and ocean views to die for, but the seaside towns surrounding the UK are also extremely welcoming with cute cafés and attractions for all ages. Disabled Holidays offer a wide range of mobility friendly beach stays all around the UK; you can use their thorough filters to choose the right accommodation for your needs.


Cottage Getaways

Cottages have a homely and warm feel, providing you with a welcoming environment to unwind in. Often set on farms and in our gorgeous rolling countryside, you can guarantee to find the ideal one with the right facilities relatively close to where you live. Completely kitted out with anything you may need, you can enjoy a stress-free stay tucked away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Check out Holiday Cottages for their fantastic selection of easily accessible and mobility friendly cottages.


City Breaks

Rich in history and culture, our cities are a great place for taking in sights and experiencing new things. Whether you want to explore the historical Royal Mile in Edinburgh or visit London’s many famous attractions, there is sure to be accommodating hotels and apartments available nearby to make your stay as enjoyable as can be. Disabled Holidays has a great selection of accommodation perfectly suited to those with limited mobility, catering to everyone’s requirements.

London Thames River

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