Travel Scooters


Why You Should Invest in a Travel Scooter

Whether you require your mobility scooter for everyday use – such as trips to the local shops – or for the occasional getaway, finding a good travel scooter is worthwhile investment. From its small size to the dismantling or folding capabilities, we’re going to explain exactly why it is so important to invest in a suitable boot scooter. – – They are Smaller Travel mobility scooters are smaller than your average mobility scooter, making them extremely easy to store when not in use. They take up very little room which... Read More


Life after lockdown is easier with a foldable mobility scooter

The coronavirus pandemic affected every single one of us, but none more so that those considered particularly vulnerable. Anyone with underlying health problems and people over the age of 60 were an immediate cause for concern and were advised to shield themselves from others at all costs. Suddenly lockdown became the new normal, with empty roads and pavements and deserted town centres. This was when people living with mobility issues really discovered how essential a foldable mobility scooter or electric wheelchair really is. With no need to wait around for someone else... Read More