A single or dual motor riser recliner?

If you, a partner or a loved one are suffering from limited mobility and would like a comfortable chair to relax in this winter, now is the time to consider a riser recliner.

What does a riser recliner do?

With the colder months now upon us it’s important to feel cosy and safe while at home. A riser recliner can alleviate a person’s ailments by putting less pressure on the joints and can also put others’ minds at ease, knowing that their loved one is not straining themselves to get about the house. 

Not only can one enjoy the comfort of a supportive seat with riser recliner chairs, but they can also benefit from a rise and recline action which enables them to move from sitting to standing with ease and thus can significantly improve their quality of life.

However, if you are unsure what type of riser recliner to buy, we explain the main differences below.

What are the benefits of a riser recliner?

Whether you opt for a dual or a single motor riser recliner, the main advantages are much the same. Both are designed to support those with painful stiff limbs, offering a place to sit back and relax without the worry of having to get up again with great difficulty. Our riser recliners not only offer easy-to-use functions for manoeuvring headrests and footrests, but they also come in a wide range of shapes, designs and fabrics to ensure that they fit in with your existing furniture and space, offering ultimate style and comfort as well as safety.

Many riser recliners offer the basic functions of reclining the headrest and rising the footrest to offer a supportive position for those wanting to put their feet up and watch the television or simply have a rest. The chairs are operated using easy-to-access buttons which means that the user can find a comfortable angle and easily bring themselves back up to an upright position. Some chairs even elevate high up off the ground to further facilitate standing.

A single motor riser recliner vs a dual motor riser recliner

A single motor chair, as you might have guessed, is made up of just one motor which controls all of the seat’s actions. This means that it can only offer one fixed action. A dual motor chair, meanwhile, has separate motors to control the backrest and the footrest, meaning they can be moved independently. It is a common misconception that a dual motor seat is more expensive than a single motor seat but this will all depend on the options that you choose because each chair is designed to suit the individual, their taste and needs.

It is important to assess one’s needs before purchasing a riser recliner so that you can be sure that you are choosing the most suitable and beneficial option. 

If you are unsure then why not speak to one of our representatives who can offer in-depth details on the items available and how they could improve yours or your loved one’s daily life.

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