Remember to Care for Your Grandparents

Our grandparents have cared for us all our lives, so now it’s time to repay the favour by taking care of them. Even if they don’t need looking after, they will still need some thoughtfulness to bring their spirits up, no matter how small the gesture is. Getting older can be scary and lonely but it can be made easier with just a little bit of love to reassure them that you are there for them and that they are not alone.

Baby holding grandparent's finger

Lend Them a Hand

Your grandparents may have errands and chores that they need to do, but their age may not let them do them as easily as you may be able to. By giving them a hand with these tasks you can make their life a little less stressful as well as making them feel cared for. They will have less to worry about and less strain to put their body through, making them better able to enjoy their later years.

Plan a Day Out

Older generations tend to spend a lot of their time indoors, unable to have the active and social life that they once had. Over time this can become a habit, making it difficult for them to leave the safety of their home. Planning a day out for them is a great way to combat this, getting them out and enjoying the things that they used to.

Start by asking what things they enjoy doing and create a plan from there. If they struggle to come up with ideas, ask them what kind of activities they took part in when they were younger. While their mobility may not allow them to take part in certain activities, such as horse riding or kayaking, you may still be able to find a suitable alternative, such as a horse and carriage ride or a scenic trip on a boat.

Call Them Often

In a world where technology has started to rule our lives and conversations don’t have to be spoken but typed instead, hearing a human voice can mean the absolute world, especially to an elder who may have little contact with others. Our lives can be very busy which is why we resort to sending a quick text, but by setting aside 10 minutes for a phone or video call with your grandparents, it can make their day, or even week. It will make them feel cherished and loved, lifting their mood and overall feeling of wellness.

Involve Your Children

Grandparents love children and cherish the moments that they spend with them. While the age gap may be quite large, there are still many activities that can bring them closer, forming a bond that will last a lifetime. You could play a board game together for some fun, or why not get them to teach your little one something such as a recipe. Asking them to pass on some of their wisdom to your child will show them how much you value them. If you live far away this may not be so easy, but even a drawing or handwritten card from your child that they can put on the fridge would mean the world to them.

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