How to protect yourself with mobility scooter covers

If you already own a mobility scooter then you’re probably aware of the range of made-to-measure and off-the-peg covers that are available. But in these troubled times, have you stopped to think about the added benefits that mobility scooter covers offer?

Types of mobility scooter covers

When you think of covers in relation to mobility scooters, you probably think of all-weather canopies. The primary objective up until recently has been to keep you and / or your mobility scooter warm and dry. And because mobility scooters in the UK come in such a huge range of shapes and sizes, so do the covers.

At the lower end of the scale are mobility scooter ponchos and capes; these are usually designed to protect you from the elements, rather than the actual scooter itself. But with that said, there are a couple of capes that fit the entire scooter too, with clear panels so that lights are visible.

Then there are plenty of options for complete mobility scooter canopies, to keep you and your mobility scooter dry in all weathers. And you’ll also find a range of storage covers too – after all, not everyone has a suitable garage or storage in which to keep their mobility scooter safe and secure when not in use.

Dig a little deeper into mobility scooter accessories and you’ll find elasticated seat and control covers too. These are perfect for keeping to hand and slipping on if you have to leave your scooter outside a shop in unpredictable weather. They take up hardly any space at all and can be fitted in seconds.

How mobility scooter covers can keep you safe

The world as we knew it has changed in recent months. Suddenly, it’s not just the weather that we all need to be worrying about; now it’s the risk of catching COVID-19 that’s at the top of the list, and mobility scooter users are often more vulnerable to infections.

Who knew that mobility scooter accessories could help to protect you from germs too? It’s a fact that anything covering your mobility scooter also protects it from being touched by other people. Research suggests that coronavirus droplets can survive on some surfaces for several hours. So keeping your mobility scooter covered whenever you’re not using it makes even more sense nowadays.

Keeping your mobility scooter covered when not in use makes it so much easier to clean too. Covers deter dust, dirt, rain, and germs, so when you want to go out and about, you can do so as safely as possible. 

After all, when you’re living an independent life it’s only shopping and happy memories you want to be bringing home with you, not the worry of picking up potentially harmful germs.

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