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Life after lockdown is easier with a foldable mobility scooter

The coronavirus pandemic affected every single one of us, but none more so that those considered particularly vulnerable. Anyone with underlying health problems and people over the age of 60 were an immediate cause for concern and were advised to shield themselves from others at all costs. Suddenly lockdown became the new normal, with empty roads and pavements and deserted town centres. This was when people living with mobility issues really discovered how essential a foldable mobility scooter or electric wheelchair really is. With no need to wait around for someone else... Read More


How Far Can an Electric Wheelchair Go

An electric wheelchair represents freedom and independence for people living with mobility issues.  Powered wheelchairs enable users to make their own way to the places they want to go, without having to rely on other people to assist them. Whether you fancy a trip to the park on a sunny day, or nip down to the local shop for supplies, a motorised wheelchair takes the strain. When you’re planning on purchasing an electric wheelchair, there are a number of important factors that you need to take into consideration. Comfort is obviously a... Read More


What’s the Difference between a Class 2 and 3 Mobility Scooter?

Disability scooters come in a wide range of models, offering different features according to the user’s specific needs. But there’s still a great deal of confusion about the differences between the three classes of mobility scooters, so we’ve prepared this handy guide to guide you through your options. Class 1 is reserved for manual wheelchairs, so it’s Class 2 and Class 3 mobility scooters that we’ll focus our attention on. Class 2 mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs Many users of disability scooters are looking for something light and portable that will... Read More


Keeping Comfortable While Staying Home and Staying Safe

Now, more than ever, it’s important that our homes are our sanctuary; somewhere we can relax and feel safe and comfortable. After all, for the time being, many of us are meant to be there for almost 23 hours a day with just one hour and limited travel allowed for exercise out of the home. If you’re not going outside at all, there are plenty of seated exercises you could do from rise and recline chairs to help maintain your activity level. If you are able, dancing is another great... Read More


10 Summer Safety Tips for the Elderly and Disabled

It’s taken a little while to coax the sun out of hiding but now it feels like summer is finally here! As exciting as it is to be able to enjoy blue skies and bright sunshine, this warmer weather can also lead to dangerous heat related illnesses such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. What’s more, it is especially important for the elderly and those with long term conditions – such as multiple sclerosis and heart problems – to take extra precautions in hot weather. We’ve put together some summer... Read More


Big News: 0% Finance has Just Arrived at Pro Rider Mobility!

In a world of expensive mobility aids and increasingly constricted disposable income, sometimes you just wish that there was more financial support available to make these products more accessible on a tight budget. Pro Rider Mobility is therefore very excited to announce that we have introduced a new 0% finance scheme as part of our increasing focus on product affordability and accessibility. Cost plays a significant part in the decision making process of investing in a new mobility aid. It is very common for people to opt for a cheaper... Read More


10 Helpful Resources of Disabled Holiday Grants and Subsidies

Living with limited mobility can be a heavy burden on your finances; living aids, mobility scooters, home improvements to make your property accessible, all of these things provide much needed independence in daily life but can also be very costly, even with discounts and benefits. As a result of their desperate financial situation, many disabled individuals across the UK will struggle to go on even one holiday in their lifetime. If you recognise this struggle yourself, read on to discover potential opportunities to get disabled holiday grants and subsidies for... Read More


Exciting News – Pro Rider Mobility is Coming to Naidex 2018!

Naidex is now only a month away and we here at Pro Rider Mobility couldn’t be more excited – especially because we’ll be joining the event as an official exhibitor! Whether you’re a regular attendee or you’re discovering Naidex for the very first time, it’s an event not to be missed. Let’s take a look as to why you should be heading to Birmingham for this superb event.


Popular Mobility Scooter Questions – Answered

Feeling a little lost in the wilderness of mobility scooters? No need to fear – we’ve got you covered! Below, we’ve provided the answers to some of the most searched mobility scooter queries online so that you can feel more confident about taking your next steps towards mobility scooters.