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TGA Mobility 01/04/2021

Monthly Mobility Showcase: TGA Mobility

A leading presence in the industry for over 30 years, TGA Mobility is a family run business that provides some of the finest mobility products in the UK. Their knowledge in the design and engineering process is always growing as they update existing models and create new innovative ranges. TGA’s range is sure to hold a model for everyone’s needs and budgets, whether that’s a wheelchair power pack or a class 3 mobility scooter. – – Wheelchairs & Wheelchair Accessories If it’s a reliable transit wheelchair that you’re after, TGA... Read More

Monthly mobility showcase of Kymco 19/03/2021

Monthly Mobility Brand Showcase: KymCo

With over 15 years worth of experience in the mobility industry, KymCo has become a highly respected provider of mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs. They have perfected their design and engineering process over the years, resulting in their high quality range of products today. From small transportable boot scooters to big class 3 models, their range covers everyone’s transport mobility needs. – – Mobility Scooters Starting off KymCo’s class 2 range of mobility scooters is the Mini Comfort, available with either pneumatic or solid tyres. The Mini Comfort is especially... Read More

Pro Rider Rise and Recline Chair 18/11/2020

A single or dual motor riser recliner?

If you, a partner or a loved one are suffering from limited mobility and would like a comfortable chair to relax in this winter, now is the time to consider a riser recliner. – What does a riser recliner do? With the colder months now upon us it’s important to feel cosy and safe while at home. A riser recliner can alleviate a person’s ailments by putting less pressure on the joints and can also put others’ minds at ease, knowing that their loved one is not straining themselves to get... Read More

Pro Rider Mobility Scooter Showroom 26/10/2020

Rules you must know for mobility scooters and motor powered wheelchairs

Although some mobility scooters and motorised wheelchairs can be used on public roads, you don’t need to have a driving licence and they don’t all need to be registered, however if you are using a Class 3 mobility scooter it is a legal requirement that you must register this with the DVLA to drive on the road. There is a separate set of rules that apply to non-road users too, so it’s important to know your legal obligations. To be able to use a mobility scooter you have to have some form... Read More

Road Mobility Scooters 07/09/2020

How to prepare road mobility scooters for colder weather conditions

Summer is drawing to an end and we’re seeing a return to cooler weather. It’s going to get colder and wetter in the coming months, so it’s essential to ensure that your mobility scooter is well prepared. We’ve put together some useful tips to help you get out and about safely, no matter what the weather decides to throw at us. – – Check your road mobility scooters tyres Your mobility scooter tyres are the only point of contact with the ground, so they need to be robust, correctly inflated and in... Read More

Mobility Scooter Covers 18/08/2020

How to protect yourself with mobility scooter covers

If you already own a mobility scooter then you’re probably aware of the range of made-to-measure and off-the-peg covers that are available. But in these troubled times, have you stopped to think about the added benefits that mobility scooter covers offer? – – Types of mobility scooter covers When you think of covers in relation to mobility scooters, you probably think of all-weather canopies. The primary objective up until recently has been to keep you and / or your mobility scooter warm and dry. And because mobility scooters in the UK come... Read More

Pro Rider Foldable Mobility Scooter 30/07/2020

Life after lockdown is easier with a foldable mobility scooter

The coronavirus pandemic affected every single one of us, but none more so that those considered particularly vulnerable. Anyone with underlying health problems and people over the age of 60 were an immediate cause for concern and were advised to shield themselves from others at all costs. Suddenly lockdown became the new normal, with empty roads and pavements and deserted town centres. This was when people living with mobility issues really discovered how essential a foldable mobility scooter or electric wheelchair really is. With no need to wait around for someone else... Read More

Electric Wheelchair 16/06/2020

How Far Can an Electric Wheelchair Go

An electric wheelchair represents freedom and independence for people living with mobility issues.  Powered wheelchairs enable users to make their own way to the places they want to go, without having to rely on other people to assist them. Whether you fancy a trip to the park on a sunny day, or nip down to the local shop for supplies, a motorised wheelchair takes the strain. When you’re planning on purchasing an electric wheelchair, there are a number of important factors that you need to take into consideration. Comfort is obviously a... Read More

Class 2 and Class 3 Mobility Scooter 13/05/2020

What’s the Difference between a Class 2 and 3 Mobility Scooter?

Disability scooters come in a wide range of models, offering different features according to the user’s specific needs. But there’s still a great deal of confusion about the differences between the three classes of mobility scooters, so we’ve prepared this handy guide to guide you through your options. Class 1 is reserved for manual wheelchairs, so it’s Class 2 and Class 3 mobility scooters that we’ll focus our attention on. Class 2 mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs Many users of disability scooters are looking for something light and portable that will... Read More

Pro Rider Rise & Recline Chair 23/04/2020

Keeping Comfortable While Staying Home and Staying Safe

Now, more than ever, it’s important that our homes are our sanctuary; somewhere we can relax and feel safe and comfortable. After all, for the time being, many of us are meant to be there for almost 23 hours a day with just one hour and limited travel allowed for exercise out of the home. If you’re not going outside at all, there are plenty of seated exercises you could do from rise and recline chairs to help maintain your activity level. If you are able, dancing is another great... Read More