Monthly Mobility Showcase: TGA Mobility

A leading presence in the industry for over 30 years, TGA Mobility is a family run business that provides some of the finest mobility products in the UK. Their knowledge in the design and engineering process is always growing as they update existing models and create new innovative ranges. TGA’s range is sure to hold a model for everyone’s needs and budgets, whether that’s a wheelchair power pack or a class 3 mobility scooter.

TGA Logo

Wheelchairs & Wheelchair Accessories

If it’s a reliable transit wheelchair that you’re after, TGA may well be your brand of choice. Standard wheelchairs tend to appear quite blocky with sharp edges but TGA Mobility has gone for a more fluid and curved design; the result is a more comfortable and supportive wheelchair for the user to sit in thanks to the ergonomically designed backrest.

What’s more, that TGA offer a range of powerpacks which are designed to turn your transit wheelchair into a powerchair. The TGA Mobility powerpacks come in various sizes for each individual user’s needs and requirements. Easy to fit and operate, the powerpack eliminates the dependence on others (such as a wheelchair attendant or carer) to get around. Many users will love the freedom that a TGA powerpack provides and the flexibility in being able to switch from manual to electric wheelchair simply by attaching the pack.

The TGA WHILL Model C Powerchair

Showing their true innovative capabilities as a mobility brand, the TGA WHILL Model C has an omni-wheel system, making it the only of its kind. This unique turning system partnered with the rear wheel drive gives you an exceptionally tight turning circle, perfect for navigating anywhere you like whether indoors or outdoors. The WHILL Model C can also be controlled with an app, allowing you to bring it directly to your side and perfectly position the chair for easy mounting.

Mobility Scooters

With a prestigious mobility brand like TGA, it’s only right that their range of mobility scooters is just as impressive. Whether you require a smaller, folding mobility scooter or a larger and faster class 3 scooter, they have the perfect product to give you the freedom that you deserve.

For easy transportation, the class 2 Minimo Autofold mobility scooter will be your best option as it can be folded at the touch of a button, minimising any strain that can be caused by manually doing so. This auto-folding function doesn’t make this boot scooter skimp on performance though – you can still reach a superb range of up to 10 miles with a top speed of 4mph which is ideal for any outing.

For lovers of a sporty design, TGA offers the Vita X mobility scooter. A lot of sporty products can be all aesthetic and nothing more but the Vita X is more than just good looking, it has the functionality to go along with it. While mobility scooters are limited to 8mph, this sports model makes up for it in other ways, boasting improved suspension, longer driving range, and grippy off-road tyres for those adventurous country rides.

TGA has also thought about the rock and roll riders with their Supersport model, an effortlessly cool scooter which resembles a motor trike. The sleek design is sure to impress passersby as you cruise in style and, most of all, comfort. With a full charge you can reach up to 30 miles, making it perfect for longer journeys and giving you more freedom to roam.

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