Monthly Mobility Showcase: Drive Medical

Also known as Drive DeVilbiss, Drive Medical is a world presence and has been in the mobility industry for over 20 years; this is shown through their innovative, high quality, and well-engineered product range that we see today. They strive to bring the very best they can in assisted living, helping those living with disability and mobility issues to enjoy greater comfort and freedom.

Riser Recliner Chairs

Not only do Drive Medical supply mobility aids help you while you’re on the go, they also offer a range of riser recliner chairs that are designed for easy and supported access. They are made with comfort in mind, making them extremely relaxing to sit in. When you want to get up, just press a button and the chair will lift you back to your feet, preventing any unnecessary strain on your body.

Manual Mobility Aids

If you still have some strength but require a little bit of help, Drive has a manual self propelled wheelchair and rollator that will keep you on the move. They are lightweight yet supportive, making them extremely reliable and durable without the added weight that might make them hard to move. Their rollator and wheelchairs can be folded down to near flat to fit in any car boot or even back seat.

For those without strength in their arms to push themselves along, a transit wheelchair may be a better option. Designed to be controlled by an attendant or cater, the light aluminium frame and easy turning wheels make it glide along without the pusher having to break a sweat.

Powered Mobility Aids

Like many of the other mobility giants in the industry, Drive Medical supplies a range of their own mobility scooters and powerchairs. Not only are they functional and comfortable, their range is also attractive and gives the user a choice between various designs and styles. From the 3 wheeled Easy Rider to the Envoy 8, there is a mobility scooter for everyone’s taste.

Not only do Drive Medical mobility scooters differ in styles, but their power chairs do too. The Titan is designed with the taller style of power chair in mind, featuring a heavier base with a captain style seat on top. The Cirrus Powerchair offers a traditional frame and finish, making it look like any ordinary wheelchair until you notice the powerful motor attached.

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