Mobility Scooter Safety Courses Improve Quality of Life

A new police project in South Yorkshire is encouraging mobility scooter users to enroll on safety courses. Delivered in community centres, care homes and churches across the county, the free Scooter Safe project uses a film-set indoor street to help train scooter users on protecting themselves and others when out and about.

It may seem unnecessary, but an increase in accessibility to these courses could be a huge benefit to those with mobility problems. A common issue is that mobility scooters do not require licenses, so many individuals have no, or very limited, experience of road safety or insurance policies. This can be very stressful, particularly for the elderly, so community-driven initiatives such as this can vastly improve accessibility and confidence for locals.

Outreach programmes are also a great way to help individuals get to know one another better and make new friends, another big plus for those who sometimes struggle to get out of the house. Could more projects such as this continue to improve quality of life for disabled individuals? Longer term drives could yield even further benefits, so it’s fantastic to see such a positive response to Scooter Safe so far. A mixture of public and private initiatives could be used not only to improve safety for users and other members of the public, but to give tips and advice on making the most out of your scooter, maintenance, and local accessible routes – the possibilities are endless!

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