Mobility Aids: How Do They Work & Which Ones Do I Need?

Mobility aids are a popular choice for those living with limited mobility. They allow the user to maintain their independence by supporting them in any aspect they may need; this could be anything from walking to getting in and out of the car. There are plenty of choice available on the market these days which is good, but that can make it quite confusing when you’re trying to make your decision. In this post we hope to clear this up for you so you’ll know how they work and which mobility aids will be best suited to you.

Walking Aids

Unlike conventional mobility scooters and wheelchairs, walking aids still allow the user to walk while providing them with plenty of support as they move. While scooters and chairs would be better suited for longer journeys, it is always a good idea to keep a walking stick, rollator or cane on hand for shorter journeys. They are also great for any part of your trip where you may not be able to fit, or easily use, your larger wheeled ally. You can get bags that have been especially made for your mobility device with sections to carry walking sticks or canes, allowing you to keep them close for when you need them.

Our range of walking aids consists of walking sticks and canes, flipsticks, rollators and tri-walkers which are all amazing for getting you moving around again. Some of our range even feature seats so that you can rest on your journey. This saves you from worrying about having to stop on your journey as you’ll have a comfortable seat whenever you need it.

Old lady sitting on a bench with her walking stick

Mobility Aids for Cars

Another set of mobility aids worth looking into are the ones designed for use in cars. Whether you have regular use of a car or are often getting lifts from friends and relatives, car mobility aids can be a great help with getting in and out of any car without having to strain and struggle. From Handybars to seat belt reachers, there are many different mobility aids for cars available for everyone’s individual needs.

For getting in and out of the car with ease, you have the choice between the Handybar – which also comes in a set with a swivel cushion – and the car caddie. The Handybar is designed to slot into the U-shaped striker in your car door’s arch to provide you with a handle to lever yourself up and down. This car mobility aid also doubles as an emergency tool and comes with a built-in seat belt cutter and window breaker. The car caddie works on a similar principle, but instead hooks over the car door to create a secure handle that you can use to lift and lower yourself.

For once you’re in the car, a seat belt reacher will come in handy if you find stretching to reach it difficult. It attaches to the belt and features a long handle to help you pull it across your body, limiting the need for you to stretch further than your body may allow. Another great mobility aid for cars is the lower back support cushion. This will keep you comfortable on every car journey and prevent your back from aching due to a prologued period of being inadequately supported

Person using a handybar to get out of car

Home Mobility Aids

Mobility aids for the home are also very important for making you feel comfortable and safe in your space. Without them, you may struggle to enjoy your time at home resulting in it becoming a negative environment. The possibilities are endless for home mobility aids, ranging from devices to make getting up from your chair easier to commodes that will maintain your privacy.

Home mobility aids that help to raise you out of your seat are fantastic for allowing you to rest without the worry of struggling to get back up. Many people living with limited mobility will find this extremely difficult due to the strain that it puts on your back and legs. With a couch cane, UpEasy cushion or any other lifting device you’ll never have to worry about this again as you’ll be able to get back to your feet with little effort and stress.

Another great home addition is a commode chair that will allow you to easily go to the toilet. Commode chairs can be placed anywhere in the home which is especially useful if your bathroom isn’t easily accessible in a moments notice. While many homes do come with ground floor toilet rooms, they may not always be the easiest to get to. Navigating hallways and stairs can also be dangerous if you have limited mobility, so adding a commode chair to your most used rooms will make using the toilet safer and a lot easier. We also have a range of inconspicuous commodes for those who may feel conscious of having theirs on show.

Basket weave commode chair

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