Keeping Comfortable While Staying Home and Staying Safe

Now, more than ever, it’s important that our homes are our sanctuary; somewhere we can relax and feel safe and comfortable. After all, for the time being, many of us are meant to be there for almost 23 hours a day with just one hour and limited travel allowed for exercise out of the home.

If you’re not going outside at all, there are plenty of seated exercises you could do from rise and recline chairs to help maintain your activity level. If you are able, dancing is another great way of keeping fit during these periods of isolation.

Your riser recliner armchair

Having a riser recliner armchair when friends and family are not allowed to visit can be a great help with managing everyday life at home, especially if you are elderly or living with a physical disability. The range of rise and recline chairs available is growing all the time and there are models to suit all tastes.

Make sure that all the essentials you’ll need are close to hand and within reach of your riser recliner armchair. That might include items such as your glasses, TV remote, book and telephone. Keeping in regular phone contact with friends and family will help this time pass more quickly.

Make your rise and recline chair comfortable

While many of us will find these strange times very hard with the lack of social contact and the disruption to our routine, there is also opportunity. Take the time to do things you enjoy, such as watching a favourite film or box-set on the television. Cuddle up with a good book and cushion and a soft blanket and the hours will fly by! Having a reliable rise and recline chair can help with being seated for a prolonged period as you enjoy a board game or jigsaw puzzle.

A good riser recliner chair should be comfortable. No-one wants to be constantly shuffling around trying to get comfy.

Other reasons to choose a rise and recline chair

In addition to comfort, a riser recliner armchair is a good choice for anyone who needs to ease pressure on joints in these prolonged periods of being sedentary. If you are less mobile or sometimes struggle when standing up again, then a rise and recline chair could be just the thing, especially when circumstances dictate that you must be more independent.

If you are able, place online or telephone orders for goods from your riser recliner armchair to help you stay home. Stock levels are largely back to normal so there is no need to stockpile anything.

There is plenty of advice available for staying safe and comfortable at home but if you have any specific health concerns, call the NHS 111 helpline. And finally, whilst this is an unprecedented time, it won’t last forever and as a global pandemic, we really are all in this together.

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