Life after lockdown is easier with a foldable mobility scooter

The coronavirus pandemic affected every single one of us, but none more so that those considered particularly vulnerable. Anyone with underlying health problems and people over the age of 60 were an immediate cause for concern and were advised to shield themselves from others at all costs.

Suddenly lockdown became the new normal, with empty roads and pavements and deserted town centres. This was when people living with mobility issues really discovered how essential a foldable mobility scooter or electric wheelchair really is. With no need to wait around for someone else to offer help and support, people with mobility aids found themselves better able to take control of their lives.

Now that lockdown is rapidly becoming a fading memory, and life creaks slowly back to its new normal, asserting your own independence is more important than ever. The virus may be held at bay for the moment, but many commentators believe that we haven’t yet seen the last of it. Further lockdowns remain very much on the agenda, so setting plans in place now means fewer problems later on.

Why you need a foldable mobility scooter

A lightweight mobility scooter gives you all the freedom you need, but you’re not restricted to journeys close to your home. Now that we are all permitted to travel more widely, it’s possible to catch up with friends and family from further afield. And a lightweight mobility scooter that folds down to a space-saving size can fit into all sorts of vehicles.

COVID-19 is thought to be much less of a risk in open spaces. And the government is continually urging us to get out of doors and into the fresh air for the sake of our health. We know that a lack of fresh air and exercise can contribute to a person’s chance of becoming ill in the first place. But if you suffer with mobility problems, staying indoors all the time really doesn’t have to be an option. 

Neither does waiting around for someone to come and help you with your shopping. With your own personal electric wheelchair or mobility scooter, you can go where you want, when you want, without being reliant on other people.

Things to keep in mind when out and about

Always have a fully-charged mobile phone with you when you’re out on your own with your foldable mobility scooter. Be sure to carry hand sanitiser and face masks with you too, to keep yourself safe in these troubled times. Some spare cash and / or a bank credit and debit card are advisable too, just in case you need them.

But you shouldn’t spend too much time worrying. Just enjoy the outings you can have thanks to your lightweight mobility scooter or electric wheelchair. Enjoy getting out and about and meeting up with friends and family. They’ll be delighted too, to know that if another lockdown comes along, you’ll still be able to get out to perform any necessary tasks.

With the help of a mobility scooter you can run your own errands and take charge of your life. It opens new doorways to freedom. So if you haven’t explored the possibilities yet, now is the perfect time to do so.

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