Disability Travel Scheme Launched in London

A new travel scheme to help disabled people get around London has been launched. The Turn Up and Go scheme is a six-month trial that has seen 30 stations across London team up to make it more convenient for people using mobility scooters to travel in the capital.

Head of disability and inclusion for the Rail Delivery Group David Sindall explained that many disabled Londoners already travel by rail without booking assistance, but a lot of others have had to organise support 24 hours in advance. People using electric wheelchairs will now be able to get around London much easier thanks to the changes that have been made at the 30 stations. Staff at the stations will now be able to help disabled passengers without this having been arranged in advance.

Mr Sindall said: “Rail services are now far more accessible than ever and we are committed to continuing to make travel by train an attractive prospect for disabled people.”

The Turn Up and Go scheme is backed by Paralympian gold medallist Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, who pointed out that the whole DLR and large parts of the Underground network are now accessible for disabled people, as well as the Overground and London buses. She said: “The entire London Overground network is now Turn Up and Go, which has long been an issue for me. I would urge other rail companies to follow suit.” Baroness Grey-Thompson admitted that improvements can still be made in terms of disabled travel in London, but she says Transport for London are currently “leading the way” in this area.

The mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs we provide can make it easy for you to get around London thanks to the new Turn Up and Go scheme.

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