Mobility News

Sunrise Medical Sterling Mobility Scooter in Black 03/06/2021

Monthly Mobility Showcase: Sunrise Medical

Sunrise Medical provide a wide range of world class mobility solutions, making them easily available to everyone who may need them. They have been a major presence in the mobility sector for many years, perfecting their manufacturing process and products to bring you the innovative range you see today. Today, Sunrise Medical is a leader in development, design and manufacturing mobility scooters and other mobility products, from standing powerchairs to bike powerpack attachments for your wheelchair. – – Sunrise Medical Sterling Mobility Scooters We currently stock 3 of the Sterling... Read More

Drive Medical Logo 28/04/2021

Monthly Mobility Showcase: Drive Medical

Also known as Drive DeVilbiss, Drive Medical is a world presence and has been in the mobility industry for over 20 years; this is shown through their innovative, high quality, and well-engineered product range that we see today. They strive to bring the very best they can in assisted living, helping those living with disability and mobility issues to enjoy greater comfort and freedom. – – Riser Recliner Chairs Not only do Drive Medical supply mobility aids help you while you’re on the go, they also offer a range of... Read More

TGA Mobility 01/04/2021

Monthly Mobility Showcase: TGA Mobility

A leading presence in the industry for over 30 years, TGA Mobility is a family run business that provides some of the finest mobility products in the UK. Their knowledge in the design and engineering process is always growing as they update existing models and create new innovative ranges. TGA’s range is sure to hold a model for everyone’s needs and budgets, whether that’s a wheelchair power pack or a class 3 mobility scooter. – – Wheelchairs & Wheelchair Accessories If it’s a reliable transit wheelchair that you’re after, TGA... Read More

Pounds and notes 12/04/2018

Big News: 0% Finance has Just Arrived at Pro Rider Mobility!

In a world of expensive mobility aids and increasingly constricted disposable income, sometimes you just wish that there was more financial support available to make these products more accessible on a tight budget. Pro Rider Mobility is therefore very excited to announce that we have introduced a new 0% finance scheme as part of our increasing focus on product affordability and accessibility. Cost plays a significant part in the decision making process of investing in a new mobility aid. It is very common for people to opt for a cheaper... Read More

Pro Rider Mobility on Naidex 15/03/2018

Exciting News – Pro Rider Mobility is Coming to Naidex 2018!

Naidex is now only a month away and we here at Pro Rider Mobility couldn’t be more excited – especially because we’ll be joining the event as an official exhibitor! Whether you’re a regular attendee or you’re discovering Naidex for the very first time, it’s an event not to be missed. Let’s take a look as to why you should be heading to Birmingham for this superb event.

Two cars in traffic 04/03/2016

Driverless Vehicles Will Redefine Mobility Needs

We have already seen the remarkable stride forward in driver-less vehicles with the invention of the iconic Google driver-less car, so we can all pretty much expect to see our roads transformed over the next 50 years where driver-less technology will probably take over city taxi services. We already have driver-less trains in some part of the world, and plans are going ahead to have these on the underground in London very soon, so it will only be a matter of time before it will be commonplace on our roads... Read More

London buses in a queue 26/11/2015

Wheelchair Users ‘Ignored by Bus Drivers’

A charity has spoken out about many disabled wheelchair users struggling to board buses and being left behind at bus stops. The Leonard Cheshire Disability charity conducted a survey amongst 179 wheelchair users and found that most had said they had been either turned away when buses are busy, or had been refused a space on a bus.

Class 2 and Class 3 Mobility Scooter 01/09/2015

Elderly Being Ripped off When Buying Disabled Mobility Scooters

With an ageing population on the rise, the demand for mobility scooters is also growing. However, a recent news feature said this is being seen by some retailers as an opportunity to take advantage of pensioners looking for new mobility scooters. Prices for mobility scooters are reaching an all time high at £6,800 with some retailers, but are these high prices really justified?

Two pairs of jeans on hanger 25/08/2015

Jeans Designed for Wheelchair Users

A paralyzed designer has created comfortable and stylish jeans specifically for women who use wheelchairs. When you think about it, most of our clothing is made around a standard design without much consideration for the needs of people with disabilities. This is now set to change because of the influence of a lady called Heidi McKenzie, a T4 paraplegic who has designed a whole new jeans collection canned Alter Ur Ego, which have been created with people who use wheelchairs in mind.