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Summer Aloha written in sand 27/06/2018

10 Summer Safety Tips for the Elderly and Disabled

It’s taken a little while to coax the sun out of hiding but now it feels like summer is finally here! As exciting as it is to be able to enjoy blue skies and bright sunshine, this warmer weather can also lead to dangerous heat related illnesses such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. What’s more, it is especially important for the elderly and those with long term conditions – such as multiple sclerosis and heart problems – to take extra precautions in hot weather. We’ve put together some summer... Read More


Mobility Aids: How Do They Work & Which Ones Do I Need?

Mobility aids are a popular choice for those living with limited mobility. They allow the user to maintain their independence by supporting them in any aspect they may need; this could be anything from walking to getting in and out of the car. There are plenty of choice available on the market these days which is good, but that can make it quite confusing when you’re trying to make your decision. In this post we hope to clear this up for you so you’ll know how they work and which... Read More

UK Countryside 01/07/2021

Top 5 UK Holidays for Those with Mobility Issues

Living with a mobility impairment often means that holidays are challenging because of the fear of not being able to easily enjoy yourself and do things due to a lack of facilities and accessibility. In recent years, however, holiday destinations have been improving accessibility so that those with additional needs can also have a fun and enjoyable break away from their homes. We’ve picked our top 5 holidays in the UK that are perfect for everyone, even if you are struggling with your mobility. – Take to the Country Countryside... Read More

A newborn baby holding an adult's hand 25/06/2021

Remember to Care for Your Grandparents

Our grandparents have cared for us all our lives, so now it’s time to repay the favour by taking care of them. Even if they don’t need looking after, they will still need some thoughtfulness to bring their spirits up, no matter how small the gesture is. Getting older can be scary and lonely but it can be made easier with just a little bit of love to reassure them that you are there for them and that they are not alone. – – Lend Them a Hand Your grandparents... Read More

Two people holding hands 22/06/2021

25 Years of National Safety Month

June is the month dedicated to all things health and safety, raising awareness for identifying risks and taking proactive safety measures. While this nationally spread awareness day focuses mainly on safety in the workplace, there are many aspects that can be taken over to everyday life to make your day-to-day tasks and errands even safer. We are going to go through some safety tips that can be applied to anyone living with limited mobility, lowering the risk of any accidental injury as well as dealing with any situation as it... Read More

Sunrise Medical Sterling Mobility Scooter in Black 03/06/2021

Monthly Mobility Showcase: Sunrise Medical

Sunrise Medical provide a wide range of world class mobility solutions, making them easily available to everyone who may need them. They have been a major presence in the mobility sector for many years, perfecting their manufacturing process and products to bring you the innovative range you see today. Today, Sunrise Medical is a leader in development, design and manufacturing mobility scooters and other mobility products, from standing powerchairs to bike powerpack attachments for your wheelchair. – – Sunrise Medical Sterling Mobility Scooters We currently stock 3 of the Sterling... Read More

Travel mobility scooter in car boot 27/05/2021

Why You Should Invest in a Travel Scooter

Whether you require your mobility scooter for everyday use – such as trips to the local shops – or for the occasional getaway, finding a good travel scooter is worthwhile investment. From its small size to the dismantling or folding capabilities, we’re going to explain exactly why it is so important to invest in a suitable boot scooter. – – They are Smaller Travel mobility scooters are smaller than your average mobility scooter, making them extremely easy to store when not in use. They take up very little room which... Read More

Lady in Mobility Scooter watching birds 13/05/2021

Walking Month is Here!

May is the month for all things related to walking, whether that be going for a wander around a local park, to the shops (instead of using your car) or just as a bit of exercise. While some may have restricted mobility or struggle to comfortably walk independently, you can still use national walking month to get out and about. Take your rollator, walking stick, mobility scooter or other piece of mobility equipment and get outdoors, taking in the fresh air and scenic views. – – Go to a Nature... Read More

Drive Medical Logo 28/04/2021

Monthly Mobility Showcase: Drive Medical

Also known as Drive DeVilbiss, Drive Medical is a world presence and has been in the mobility industry for over 20 years; this is shown through their innovative, high quality, and well-engineered product range that we see today. They strive to bring the very best they can in assisted living, helping those living with disability and mobility issues to enjoy greater comfort and freedom. – – Riser Recliner Chairs Not only do Drive Medical supply mobility aids help you while you’re on the go, they also offer a range of... Read More

Woman using Mobility Scooter on pathway 19/04/2021

Mobility Scooters for Each Outing

Living with limited mobility may have resulted a sacrifice of your independence and freedom. With the right tools and aids, however, you can bring back your freedom back and – most importantly – your life. From making journeys to the shop accessible again to allowing you to enjoy nature and the outdoors, there is a mobility scooter for everyone and every use. – – Mobility Scooters for Shopping Trips When travelling to and from the shops, you require a mobility scooter that can handle the journey, easily travel the aisles,... Read More

Two hands holding Parkinson's Foundation 15/04/2021

Understanding Parkinson’s

You have probably heard of Parkinson’s disease but you may not know some of the important details surrounding its effects, treatments, and how to live with it. It is believed that 1 in 500 people will develop Parkinson’s disease later in their lives, with 1 in 20 of these people being under the age of 40. If you or a loved one live with this illness, here are some of the key points you should know to maintain quality of life for as long as possible. – – What Causes... Read More