Acorn Stairlifts from Pro Rider Mobility

Acorn Stairlifts

Pro Rider Mobility are authorised dealers for all of the Acorn range of Stairlifts.

We have partnered with Acorn Stairlifts who are experts in providing affordable, reliable and fully guaranteed stairlifts across the UK. Whatever the style or size of your home we offer a range of straight, curved or outdoor stairlifts.

All Acorn Stairlifts are easy to use, and easy to maintain; and all display the very best in design, engineering, and safety features
When you have an Acorn Stairlift added to the home you love, you are getting one of the most technologically advanced stairlifts available, along with Peace Of Mind, knowing you will now be able to access ALL the areas of your home that may have become difficult to get to.

Give your life a lift. Enjoy the home you love once again.

Acorn 120 Straight Stairlift

Straight Stairlift

The perfect choice for a straight staircase, the Acorn 120 Straight Stairlift could give you the full use of the home you love.
The Acorn 120 Straight Stairlift blends seamlessly into your home, and the smooth start and stop mechanism allows you to glide effortlessly up and down the stairs.

  • Next day installation available
  • Stairlift fits to the stairs, not the wall
  • Perch or Sit/Stand stairlift options available
  • Outdoor stairlift option available
  • Slimline fold-away design

Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift

Curved Stairlift

An innovative, unique solution for curved staircases

The Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift comes with all the comfort and safety features that you'd expect. And due to the stairlift's unique modular curved rail system, we can install the stairlift in a matter of days rather than weeks.

  • Fits to the stairs, not the wall
  • Slimline fold-away design
  • Unique modular rail system
  • Automatic speed adjustment to ensure optimum performance

Acorn Outdoor Stairlift

Outdoor Stairlift

A stair lift designed to resist the elements

For users who require a stairlift outside their home, Acorn can provide a fully weather-proofed stairlift ideal for outdoor use.
With all of the same features and options as the Acorn 120 Straight Stairlift, the Acorn Outdoor stairlift comes supplied with a durable waterproof cover for extra protection.

  • Next day installation available
  • Fits to the stairs, not the wall
  • Slimline fold-away design

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